Aug 24, 2014
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Jodie Foster on the set of ‘Orange is the New Black’

Aug 24, 2014
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Personally, I’ve written many feature scripts based on “worlds.” From hunting to barbershop singing to surfing to basketball. And the strange thing is the real details are always funnier than a bunch of shit a comedy writer would think up. The deeper you dig the more interesting things get.
HBO’s “Silicon Valley”: Behind The Squirm | TechCrunch (via khuyi)
Aug 22, 2014
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TOO BAD if you’re a writer wanting to mark your place in comic book history, because “Disco-Dancing Clark Kent” has already been done.


SUPERMAN FAMILY #196. July-August 1979. “Super-Disco Fever!” Written by Cary Burkett, Penciled by Kurt Schaffenberger, Inked by Dan Adkins.

Clark Kent is taken to a discotheque by his fan club and discovers that a madman has hidden several bombs beneath the dance floor.

He slyly uses his super-powers to disarm each one, using only the raw propulsive musk-scented power of … his moves.

(“Shake your bootie?”)

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Aug 16, 2014
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Many people have elaborate systems for filing their email and chasing “inbox zero.” But they’re not putting their time to good use according to a 2011 study from IBM Research. It found that people who do no email organization and rely on search are actually faster at finding emails than those who file them in folders.

The best way to organize your business communications is not to organize them at all (via khuyi)


Jul 29, 2014
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Do you know what people want more than anything? They want to be missed. They want to be missed the day they don’t show up. They want to be missed when they’re gone.

In another excellent episode of NPR’s TED Radio Hour, Seth Godin dispenses some of his signature wisdom in discussing what makes a great leader. (David Foster Wallace had similar ideas.)

Pair with Godin on vulnerability, creative courage, and how to dance with the fear.

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Jul 29, 2014
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Xavier Dolan | Standing ovation after the ‘Mommy’ premiere at the 67th Cannes Film Festival

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Jul 29, 2014
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Dolce & Gabbana

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Jul 28, 2014
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Cate Blanchett, Gregory Jacobs and Steven Soderbergh onset of The Good German (2006)


Cate Blanchett, Gregory Jacobs and Steven Soderbergh onset of The Good German (2006)

Jul 28, 2014
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